About Us


About Us


Trinius Productions is a collaborative group of creative freelancers from Savannah, Georgia. We believe in working directly with the client to create an end product that will amaze anyone. Filmmaking is the ultimate storytelling tool, and we want to help you tell your story.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Alex Bryant


Alex Bryant is an aspiring cinematographer from Savannah, Georgia. He has been creating visuals for 6 years, and has a passion for making images come alive. He has worked with all styles of camera systems from amateur to professional, and has worked on all ranges of videography from weddings to corporate to television. With a background in live production and broadcast, Alex copes with all situations quickly and clearly. He takes pride in his work and is ready to tackle any film project available to him.


Benjamin Mois

Aerial Specialist

CEO & Founder of  Mois Family Tech, Benjamin Mois has a long history with aviation and UAV piloting. He is trained with many different styles of drones, to include the 4K equipped DJI Phantom 3 Professional. He has satisfied countless clients, and is Trinius Production's go-to for any aerial cinematography.  


Ian Carroll

Graphic Designer

With a background in traditional art, Ian Carroll understands the most important aspects of design - composition, color, rhythm, unity, and structure. He applies these concepts to both still and motion graphics to create beautiful and compelling designs.


Aaron Estrada


Aaron Estrada is a producer and musician from Savannah, Georgia. He has been playing piano since the age of 10 and violin since he was 12. At the age of 14, he decided to use his creativity and knowledge of music theory to compose music and has since evolved into what is now Blissfall. Aaron's mixture of both modern and classical musical talent makes him the perfect composer for any project.


Ian Cooper

Audio Technician

With experience as a live DJ, Ian Cooper knows how to handle audio situations immediately and efficiently. His background in music helps him to have a greater understanding of the flow in video production. Ian's skillset makes him a great candidate for on-site audio to include live mixing, interview audio, booming, etc.


Sunshine McMullen

Camera Operator

Sunshine has a background in photography, shooting weddings and portraiture. She applies the concepts of still photography to filmmaking, creating gorgeous images.